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Queen of the State


Queen of the State are the titles awarded in The Edge Program which is our exclusive NO OBLIGATION competition program. Simply put it is an add on to the state pageants to allow girls who are unable to compete because she is unable to move on to the next level for one reason or another. We created The Edge Program with these girls specifically in mind. It is not pageant coaching, but it is designed to go hand in hand with your current training either with a coach or on your own.

The Edge Program is for girls who want to compete but either already hold a title in another system which has a non-compete, or they are unable to attend the national/international pageant. Perhaps they are new to pageantry and want to try it out before they commit to a system with a national or international obligation, or they just want to compete with no commitment to appearances or moving on to other pageants. Perhaps they are just looking to put themselves ‘to the test’ before the next pageant they are already registered for and have been training for and are interested in the practice but also in receiving invaluable feedback and scores.

Contestants who are registered in The Edge Program will compete along side of the contestants who are registered for the state North America and U.S. International pageants, with no distinction between the delegates. Everyone receives the same competition items and will compete along side of each other on stage and in interview in all of the same divisions with the exact same scoring system. The judges are not informed who is in The Edge Program so that the judging is done fairly and without bias. The ONLY people who will know who is in The Edge Program are the Executive Director and the Contestant who is competing in The Edge Program. 

After the pageant, every contestant registered in The Edge Program will receive a video of her interview, a copy of the judges notes as well as her total score and a review of what she can improve on based on scoring, as well she will receive feedback from the Executive Director and if possible any staff members she may interact with. This part of the pageant is set up to be a training event for new and advanced competitors to give them the best edge for moving forward in pageantry. There is no better way to improve than by hands on practice, and that is what this will give along with a full, honest unbiased review of what you can do to improve. 

At crowning, each of the highest scoring delegates registered in The Edge Program will receive a ‘Queen of the State‘ title, sash and crown, FOR FUN. This award will have NO OBLIGATION and NO CONTRACT and will not affect any current titles held or future pageants you are already signed up for, except to help make you a better and stronger competitor! 

The cost to participate in The Edge Program is $195
To make your payment, click the link below to go to our secure payment page powered by Square. You may use Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, Credit Card OR After Pay which will allow you to spread your payments out over 4 equal payments, even beyond the deadline and pageant!

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